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New Magazine Media Kits - October 31, 2012


By: Height Of Land Publications
In: Outdoor Activities, Winter Sports

Alpinist Magazine is an archival-quality, quarterly publication dedicated to world alpinism and adventure climbing.

View Alpinist Magazine Media Kit


By: Height Of Land Publications
In: Winter Sports

For every day spent riding in the backcountry, there is a story worth telling.

View Kronicle Magazine Media Kit

Newport Life

By: Edward A. Sherman Publishing Company Inc
In: Lifestyle

NLM is the only lifestyle magazine dedicated to Newport County.

View Newport Life Magazine Media Kit

Newport Wedding

By: Edward A. Sherman Publishing Company Inc
In: Weddings & Honeymoons

In print, online and in person - Newport, RI's bridal resource.

View Newport Wedding Magazine Media Kit

Home Ideas

By: Michels Communications Corporation
In: House & Home

Home Ideas helps you find the right home builder and remodeler, or anything you need to make your house your dream home.

View Home Ideas Magazine Media Kit

Home Ideas

By: Michels Communications Corporation
In: House & Home

Home Ideas helps you find the right home builder and remodeler, or anything you need to make your house your dream home.

View Home Ideas Magazine Media Kit


By: RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel
In: Motorcycles & ATVs

RoadRUNNER is a bimonthly motorcycle touring publication.

View RoadRUNNER Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 28, 2012

American Road

By: Mock Turtle Press LLC
In: History, Travel

American Road celebrates America's two-lane highways and the people and places that make them great.

View American Road Magazine Media Kit


By: Robinson Publishing Inc
In: Music, Celebrities & Pop Culture

We share celebrity & significant individuals testimonies, latest happenings, news events, music and much more.

View Consciousness Magazine Media Kit

Carpe Articulum Literary Review

By: Carpe Articulum
In: Literature & Writing

Carpe Articulum Literary Review is an international, cross-genre literary review that challenges the traditional format of black and white.

View Carpe Articulum Literary Review Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 25, 2012

Woman To Woman

By: Pro-Ad Media Inc
In: Women's Life

Woman to Woman Magazine is, without question, the magazine for today's woman.

View Woman To Woman Magazine Media Kit

Knit Simple

By: SoHo Publishing Co.
In: Sewing, Quilting & Knitting

Knit Simple helps knitters get the most from their knitting experience.

View Knit Simple Magazine Media Kit

Vogue Knitting

By: SoHo Publishing Co.
In: Sewing, Quilting & Knitting

Vogue Knitting is the leading fashion magazine in the world of hand knitting.

View Vogue Knitting Magazine Media Kit

Sky & Telescope

By: New Track Media LLC
In: Astronomy

The Essential Guide to Astronomy. Sky & Telescope is the world's leading compendium of information about the science and hobby of astronomy.

View Sky & Telescope Magazine Media Kit

Du Jour

By: DuJour Media Group LLC
In: Women's Fashion & Beauty, Men's Style, Lifestyle

Insider access to global and local fashion, travel, parties, design, and culture.

View Du Jour Magazine Media Kit

International Yachtsman

By: Wave South Florida LLC
In: Boats & Yachts

International Yachtsman is an exclusive, award-winning global lifestyle publication.

View International Yachtsman Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 22, 2012

Islamic Horizons

By: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)
In: Religion & Spirituality

Islamic Horizons is the bi-monthly publication of the Islamic Society of North America.

View Islamic Horizons Magazine Media Kit

Salon City

By: Salon City Inc
In: Women's Fashion & Beauty

Salon City Magazine elevates and illuminates the standards of beauty.

View Salon City Magazine Media Kit

Beauty Entertainment (BE!)

By: Salon City Inc
In: Women's Fashion & Beauty, Celebrities & Pop Culture

BE! ( Beauty Entertainment ) Magazine is about celebs, salons and beauty entertainment!

View Beauty Entertainment (BE!) Magazine Media Kit

Urban Latino

By: Urban Latino Media Group Ltd
In: Ethnicity

The latest in Latino culture

View Urban Latino Magazine Media Kit

The L

By: Northside Media Group
In: Lifestyle

The L Magazine is a dynamic, comprehensive and free city guide for young New Yorkers.

View The L Magazine Media Kit


By: Northside Media Group
In: Lifestyle

Quarterly lifestyle publication in Brooklyn.

View Brooklyn Magazine Media Kit

O Gauge Railroading

By: OGR Publishing Inc.
In: Scale Modeling & Toys

Your source for 2-rail and 3-rail Modeling

View O Gauge Railroading Magazine Media Kit

Urban Home

By: Casey Communications Inc.
In: House & Home

Home Magazine is the premier resource in home decorating, lifestyle, outdoor living, remodeling and custom homes.

View Urban Home Magazine Media Kit

The Ocean

By: Robert Wald
In: Water Sports

Ocean, beach and surfing culture magazine.

View The Ocean Magazine Media Kit

Heart and Soul

By: Brown Curry Detry Taylor & Associates LLC
In: Fitness & Exercises, Health & Wellness

HEART & SOUL, the preeminent health and fitness magazine for women of color.

View Heart and Soul Magazine Media Kit

Mother Jones

By: Mother Jones and the Foundation for National Progress
In: News & Analysis, Politics

Mother Jones is an award-winning nonprofit magazine that brings you the best independent reporting on politics, news, the environment, and more.

View Mother Jones Magazine Media Kit


By: David Rago
In: Design & Style

Modernism is a magazine about 20th-century modernist design.

View Modernism Magazine Media Kit

Purdue Alumnus

By: Purdue Alumni Association
In: College Education

Published since 1912, Purdue Alumnus is the official publication of Purdue Alumni Association.

View Purdue Alumnus Magazine Media Kit

American Forests

By: American Forests
In: Outdoor Activities, Green & Sustainable Living

American Forests has been publishing its magazine since 1895.

View American Forests Magazine Media Kit


By: Lions Clubs International
In: Activism & Philanthropy

LION Magazine is the official publication of Lions Clubs International, and is published in 21 languages.

View Lion Magazine Media Kit

Black Men

By: Enoble Media Group
In: Men's Style, Men's Life

Black Men magazine is a lifestyle magazine for today's African-American male.

View Black Men Magazine Media Kit

Hype Hair

By: Enoble Media Group
In: Women's Fashion & Beauty

Welcome to the official twitter page for Hype Hair Magazine, the biggest hair magazine for women of color!

View Hype Hair Magazine Media Kit

Today's Black Woman

By: Enoble Media Group
In: Women's Fashion & Beauty

Today's Black Woman is currently the best and only magazine entirely focused on wonderful style options for women of color.

View Today's Black Woman Magazine Media Kit

Word Up!

By: Enoble Media Group
In: Teens

Word Up! magazine covers what's phat and fresh in the world of Rap, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

View Word Up! Magazine Media Kit

Teen Dream

By: Enoble Media Group
In: Teens

Teen Dream covers what’s hot in the world of music, TV and film for girls 10-14.

View Teen Dream Magazine Media Kit

Rebel Ink

By: Enoble Media Group
In: Body Art

Ink & Attitude... The tattoo magazine that takes ink to the extreme!

View Rebel Ink Magazine Media Kit

Skin & Ink

By: Enoble Media Group
In: Body Art

The Premier tattoo magazine in the U.S. covering today's tattoo fanciers.

View Skin & Ink Magazine Media Kit

Urban Ink

By: Enoble Media Group
In: Body Art

Urban Ink is The Only Tattoo Magazine for People of Color.

View Urban Ink Magazine Media Kit


By: Enoble Media Group
In: Body Art

Tattoo Models & Tattoo Magazine.

View Skinz Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 20, 2012


By: Pageantry, Talent and Entertainment Services Inc
In: Modeling

The premier magazine for the beauty, modeling, and fashion industry. Celebrating the Glamour Lifestyle.

View Pageantry Magazine Media Kit

Pacific Standard

By: Miller-McCune Center for Research, Media and Public Policy
In: News & Analysis, Politics

Pacific Standard provides a unique perspective and insight into the political and economic forces defining the world today.

View Pacific Standard Magazine Media Kit

Gothic Beauty

By: Holiday Media LLC
In: Lifestyle

Gothic Beauty features fashion, entertainment, profiles, lifestyle articles and events.

View Gothic Beauty Magazine Media Kit

Poker Pro

By: Poker Pro Media Worldwide
In: Gambling & Casino

America’s Leading Poker Publication

View Poker Pro Magazine Media Kit


By: Maranda Pleasant
In: Visual Arts, Lifestyle

We are the Platform for: Art, Culture, Conscious Lifestyle, Humanitarianism, Sustainability and Yoga.

View Origin Magazine Media Kit


By: Dime Magazine Publishing Company Inc
In: Team Sports

The Game. The Player. The Life.

View Dime Magazine Media Kit

Discovery Girls

By: Discovery Girls Inc
In: Preteens

A Magazine for Tween Girls with Advice, Fun Stuff, Embarrassing Moments, Quizzes, Friends, Fashion, Health, Contests, & More!

View Discovery Girls Magazine Media Kit


By: Reason Foundation
In: News & Analysis, Politics

Reason is the monthly magazine and website of “free minds and free markets.”

View Reason Magazine Media Kit

Millennium Film Journal

By: Millennium Film Workshop
In: Films & Television

The Millennium Film Journal is dedicated to artists’ cinema, where the term “cinema” includes all technologies of the moving image.

View Millennium Film Journal Magazine Media Kit

American Archaeology

By: The Archaeological Conservancy
In: Earth & Nature

Preserving the past... for the future

View American Archaeology Magazine Media Kit


By: Kyle M Menard
In: Small & Home Business, Lifestyle

BRINK Magazine's platform is entertainment, fashion, human interest and pop culture with a focus on entrepreneurship.

View BRINK Magazine Media Kit

Pathways to Family Wellness

By: International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
In: Health & Wellness, Family & Parenting

Pathways is a quarterly, full color, printed magazine that offers readers resources and information to make informed, conscious choices for family wellness.

View Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine Media Kit

Living Crafts

By: Living Crafts Inc.
In: Sewing, Quilting & Knitting, Paper Crafts & Stamps, Green & Sustainable Living

Natural and organic crafts magazine for the whole family.

View Living Crafts Magazine Media Kit


By: F. Williams
In: Music

Where underground is mainstream. Featuring a variety of entrepreneurs in the arts.

View Level-up! Magazine Media Kit

Theology Today

By: Princeton Theological Seminary
In: Religion & Spirituality

Peer-reviewed journal of Christian theology.

View Theology Today Magazine Media Kit

The Strand

By: The Strand Inc.
In: Mystery & Sci-Fi

The Strand is a quarterly mystery magazine which publishes mystery stories, short fiction, interviews, articles, and book reviews.

View The Strand Magazine Media Kit

The Golfer

By: The Golfer Inc.
In: Golf

The Golfer is an international luxury brand, and the premier showcase for the lifestyle of the game.

View The Golfer Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 18, 2012

Science News

By: Society for Science & the Public
In: Astronomy, Science & Technology

Science News, with its new bi-weekly format publishes the most current advances in science, from astronomy to zoology.

View Science News Magazine Media Kit

Maximum Yield USA

By: Maximum Yield Publications
In: Gardening

Maximum Yield is the #1, free-to-consumer, indoor gardening magazine with five editions worldwide in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

View Maximum Yield USA Magazine Media Kit


By: Harvard Magazine Inc
In: College Education

Your independent source for Harvard news since 1898.

View Harvard Magazine Media Kit


By: Relix Media Group LLC
In: Music

Relix is the country's premier independent music magazine.

View Relix Magazine Media Kit

Gay Parent

In: Family & Parenting, LGBT

National magazine empowering gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender parenting and children of GLBT parents.

View Gay Parent Magazine Media Kit

The Fader

By: The FADER Inc
In: Music

The FADER is the definitive voice of emerging music and the lifestyle that surrounds it.

View The Fader Magazine Media Kit

American Theatre

By: Theatre Communications Group
In: Performing Arts

American Theatre is the essential periodical about not-for-profit professional theatre.

View American Theatre Magazine Media Kit


By: Cielo Magazine International
In: Women's Fashion & Beauty

CIELO represents many aspects of Fashion, Art & Music through the professionals who help to shape & innovate the industry.

View CIELO Magazine Media Kit


In: Western Style

An award-winning publication devoted to the issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands, and wildlife.

View Range Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 17, 2012

Colorado Runner

By: Colorado Runner LLC
In: Running

Colorado Runner is the "go to" source for running information in the Rocky Mountain Region.

View Colorado Runner Magazine Media Kit

Austin Fit

By: Crackerdog Media
In: Fitness & Exercises, Health & Wellness

Founded in 1997, Austin Fit Magazine emerged as Austin's first and only health and fitness magazine.

View Austin Fit Magazine Media Kit

Long Island Footnotes

By: The Greater Long Island Running Club (GLIRC)
In: Running

The Bible of Long Island running

View Long Island Footnotes Magazine Media Kit

Running Journal

By: Running Journal
In: Running

The preeminent running magazine in the South.

View Running Journal Magazine Media Kit


In: Running

RunMinnesota is the official publication of the Minnesota Distance Running Association.

View RunMinnesota Magazine Media Kit


In: Running

RUNOHIO covers road running and track & field in Ohio.

View RUNOHIO Magazine Media Kit

The Winged Foot

By: New York Athletic Club
In: Running, Fitness & Exercises

The Winged Foot is the monthly publication of the New York Athletic Club, established in 1868.

View The Winged Foot Magazine Media Kit

The Winged M

By: Multnomah Athletic Club
In: Running, Fitness & Exercises

The Winged M is the monthly magazine for the Multnomah Athletic Club in Portland, Oregon.

View The Winged M Magazine Media Kit

Youth Runner

By: GoSportz Media Inc
In: Running, Youth Sports

Celebrating young athlete's dedication to running: High School, Youth Competitors, Trail and Kid's Running.

View Youth Runner Magazine Media Kit

Russian Life

By: RIS Publications
In: Ethnicity

Russian Life is a 64-page bimonthly magazine on Russian culture, business, travel, politics, economy and society.

View Russian Life Magazine Media Kit


In: Golf

The Majors Magazine is an annual publication produced by TMC.

View Majors Magazine Media Kit


By: Complex Media LLC
In: Men's Style

Buy, Collect, Obsess: The Ultimate Mens Buyers Guide.

View Complex Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 14, 2012


By: Peony Publishing LLC
In: Gardening

The magazine all about flowers and flower lovers

View Flower Magazine Media Kit


By: IDG Consumer & SMB
In: Computers

The Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad experts.

View Macworld Magazine Media Kit

PC World

By: IDG Consumer & SMB
In: Computers

PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.

View PC World Magazine Media Kit

Yoga International

By: Himalayan Institute
In: Fitness & Exercises, Health & Wellness

Yoga International has been the trusted guide to yoga and meditation, holistic health, and mindful culture, since 1991.

View Yoga International Magazine Media Kit

Wine Country International

By: Wine Country Network Inc.
In: Wine & Beer, Travel, Cooking

Your attitude-free passport to great wine & delicious food.

View Wine Country International Magazine Media Kit

W&M Alumni

By: W&M Alumni Association
In: College Education

Official publication of Alumni Association of the College of William and Mary.

View W&M Alumni Magazine Media Kit

NBA Hoop

By: NBA Media Ventures LLC
In: Team Sports

The Official NBA publication

View NBA Hoop Magazine Media Kit

Basketball Times

By: Akers Ink LLC
In: Team Sports

Basketball Times is The Real Voice of Collegiate Basketball and has been for over 30 years.

View Basketball Times Magazine Media Kit

Club Running

By: Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)
In: Running

Club Running magazine is a complimentary publication for the household members of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).

View Club Running Magazine Media Kit

American Track & Field

By: Shooting Star Media Inc.
In: Running

Now in its 16th year, ATF is the largest coaching magazine in North America for any sport.

View American Track & Field Magazine Media Kit

Athletes Only

By: Shooting Star Media Inc.
In: Running, Youth Sports

Athletes Only is a must buy for clients who want to reach the active teenager (14–19).

View Athletes Only Magazine Media Kit

USATF's Fast Forward

By: Shooting Star Media Inc.
In: Running

The official magazine of USA Track & Field, the governing body of the sport.

View USATF's Fast Forward Magazine Media Kit

California Track & Running News

By: Shooting Star Media Inc.
In: Running

California Track & Running News, the oldest running magazine in the Golden State.

View California Track & Running News Magazine Media Kit

Track & Field News

By: T&FN
In: Running

Track & Field News, the magazine, has been "The Bible Of The Sport" since its founding in 1948 by brothers Bert & Cordner Nelson.

View Track & Field News Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 11, 2012

The Herb Quarterly

By: EGW Publishing Company
In: Cooking, Gardening

Founded in 1978, The Herb Quarterly is America’s oldest herb magazine, bringing the joy of herbs and herb gardening with each new season.

View The Herb Quarterly Magazine Media Kit

The Highlander

By: Angus J. Ray Associates Inc.
In: Ethnicity

Now in its 4th decade, The Highlander is the Scottish American community's oldest, largest, most widely read and respected magazine.

View The Highlander Magazine Media Kit

Scottish Life

By: Scottish Life Magazine Inc
In: Ethnicity

Scottish Life is a lively and entertaining blend of everything you love about Scotland

View Scottish Life Magazine Media Kit

Professional Artist

By: Turnstile Media Group
In: Visual Arts

Formerly Art Calendar, Professional Artist is the ultimate career resource for visual artists.

View Professional Artist Magazine Media Kit

Rock & Ice

By: Big Stone Publishing
In: Outdoor Activities

Rock and Ice is the only magazine owned and operated by climbers.

View Rock & Ice Magazine Media Kit

Trail Runner

By: Big Stone Publishing
In: Running

Trail Runner is the only magazine dedicated to the off-road running community, encouraging runners of all ages and abilities to experience the outdoors and achieve a healthier lifestyle through off-road running.

View Trail Runner Magazine Media Kit


By: Ebner Publishing International Inc
In: Watches & Jewelry

WatchTime – America's No.1 watch magazine.

View WatchTime Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 9, 2012

Buffalo Spree

By: Buffalo Spree Publishing Inc
In: Lifestyle

Buffalo Spree magazine is your guide to living, dining, culture, and entertainment in the Western New York region.

View Buffalo Spree Magazine Media Kit

Buffalo Spree HOME

By: Buffalo Spree Publishing Inc
In: House & Home

Buffalo Spree & HOME -- it's life in Western New York!

View Buffalo Spree HOME Magazine Media Kit

Forever Young

By: Buffalo Spree Publishing Inc
In: Senior Living

Now in its 24th year of publishing, Forever Young is Western New York's oldest senior publication.

View Forever Young Magazine Media Kit

Living with Christ

By: Bayard Inc.
In: Religion & Spirituality

Your daily companion for praying and living the Eucharist

View Living with Christ Magazine Media Kit

Today's Parish

By: Bayard Inc.
In: Religion & Spirituality

The #1 Resource for Pastors, Ministers, and Volunteers

View Today's Parish Magazine Media Kit

American Craft

By: American Craft Council
In: Home Decor, Sewing, Quilting & Knitting, Pottery Crafts

From the purely decorative to the beautifully functional, American Craft cover every discipline of contemporary craft—within and beyond the conventional borders.

View American Craft Magazine Media Kit

Card Player

By: Card Player Media
In: Gambling & Casino

Card Player is the authority on poker multimedia, poker strategy, and poker tournament coverage.

View Card Player Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 6, 2012

Boca Raton

By: JES Publishing
In: Lifestyle

Boca's best resource for dining, nightlife, shopping, sports and recreation in Boca Raton Florida.

View Boca Raton Magazine Media Kit

Delray Beach

By: JES Publishing
In: Lifestyle

Delray Beach magazine is on the front lines of local issues and events in central Palm Beach County, covering the lighter side of life like dining news and fashion, to more substantive issues and trends.

View Delray Beach Magazine Media Kit

Worth Avenue

By: JES Publishing
In: Corporate & Customer

The official publication of Worth Avenue Association.

View Worth Avenue Magazine Media Kit


By: Upscale Communications
In: Lifestyle

National African-American Lifestyle and Entertainment Magazine

View Upscale Magazine Media Kit

Club Running

By: Road Runners Club of America (RRCA)
In: Running

Club Running magazine is a complimentary publication for the household members of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA).

View Club Running Magazine Media Kit

Natural Child World

By: Green Steps Media
In: Family & Parenting, Green & Sustainable Living

Natural Child World magazine is the #1 resource for modern parents with a conscience and a taste for life.

View Natural Child World Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 3, 2012


By: KOI USA Inc.
In: Fish

KOI USA is the official publication of The Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA).

View KOI USA Magazine Media Kit

Military Spouse

By: Victory Media Inc.
In: Military

Military Spouse is a monthly full color, glossy magazine that addresses the unique needs and interests of over 1.1 million military spouses.

View Military Spouse Magazine Media Kit


By: Victory Media Inc.
In: Military

Vetrepreneur magazine is the only national publication in the country dedicated exclusively to covering the veteran-owned business movement.

View Vetrepreneur Magazine Media Kit

Poets & Writers

By: Poets & Writers, Inc.
In: Literature & Writing

Poets & Writers, Inc., is the primary source of information, support, and guidance for creative writers.

View Poets & Writers Magazine Media Kit

Pool & Billiard

By: Sports Publications Ltd
In: Indoor Recreation

Pool & Billiard Magazine is the sport's oldest monthly magazine and boasts the largest readership of billiard businesses, players and fans.

View Pool & Billiard Magazine Media Kit

Campaigns & Elections

By: C&E
In: Politics

Campaigns & Elections has been at the heart of the campaign and public affairs industry for over 31 years.

View Campaigns & Elections Magazine Media Kit

Strictly Slots

By: Casino Player Publishing LLC
In: Gambling & Casino

Strictly Slots reaches a unique gaming audience interested in the latest slot products, casino promotions, slot club programs and tournaments.

View Strictly Slots Magazine Media Kit


By: The Center for Creative Change (CCC)
In: Religion & Spirituality, Politics

Jewish politics, culture and religion.

View Moment Magazine Media Kit

New Magazine Media Kits - October 1, 2012

Garden Culture

By: GC Publishers B.V.
In: Gardening

Garden Culture magazine is published quarterly and dedicated to the art of growing. Quarterly Magazine about hydroponics and gardening.

View Garden Culture Magazine Media Kit

Foreign Policy

By: The Washington Post Company
In: Politics

The global magazine of politics, economics, and ideas.

View Foreign Policy Magazine Media Kit

The Washington Post

By: The Washington Post Company
In: Lifestyle

The Washington Post Magazine is published Sundays in The Washington Post and aims to tell stories about the Washington area through long-form narrative journalism.

View The Washington Post Magazine Media Kit