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By: The Archaeological Conservancy
American Archaeology

Preserving the past... for the future

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By: Archaeological Institute of America

Archaeology Magazine is a mirror of our collective heritage -- our origins, ancient mysteries, and past civilizations.

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National Geographic

National Geographic magazine is the global leader in empowering people to navigate the world, providing authoritative, unbiased content that addresses today’s complex issues, while uncovering the wonders of our time.

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National Geographic Explorer

The National Geographic Explorer Magazine family are classroom magazines that invite students to explore the world and all that is in it.

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Rock & Gem

Since 1971, Rock & Gem has been the leading magazine for the lapidary and mineral hobbyist.

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Rocks & Minerals

Amateurs as well as professional scientists delight in and pore over Rocks & Minerals, which has published articles on mineralogy, geology, and paleontology since 1926.

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Weatherwise is America’s only magazine devoted to weather. It provides intriguing articles and spectacular photographs that showcase the power, beauty, and excitement of weather.

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