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National Magazines

AKC Family Dog

AKC Family Dog is a lifestyle magazine for today's busy families who want to enjoy the most rewarding, mutually happy relationship with their special dog.

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AKC Gazette

Every month since 1889, serious dog fanciers have looked to the Gazette for authoritative advice on training, showing, breeding, and canine health.

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By: The Bark Inc.
Bark, The

The Bark is the magazine of modern dog culture—it speaks to the serious dog enthusiast.

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By: Better Beagling
Better Beagling

The Magazine Promoting the Hunting & Field Trialing Beagle.

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Dog Fancy

The World's Most Widely Read Dog Magazine

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Dog News

America's oldest weekly publication devoted to the sport of purebred dogs.

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Dog World

Dog World is the essential resource for novice to advanced purebred dog enthusiasts.

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Dogs in Review

The magazine that matters for the sport of purebred dogs around the world.

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Dogs USA

Dogs USA has helped new dog owners choose the perfect purebred puppy for their lifestyles for more than 20 years.

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Gun Dog

For the man or woman who has made an upland or waterfowl dog an integral part of their life.

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Just Labs

Simply the best magazine ever for those who live with and love Labrador retrievers!

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Modern Dog

Modern Dog magazine - the best dog magazine ever!

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Natural Dog

The Natural Dog® annual is a fun, informative guide that helps owners give their dogs healthier, greener lifestyles.

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Pointing Dog Journal

America's sporting dog authority.

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Puppies USA

Puppies USA offers essential information for all new dog owners.

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Retriever Journal

The sporting retriever authority.

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By: urban dog
Urban Dog

urban dog magazine is a quarterly publication that celebrates and embraces our lives with our canine companions

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Regional & City Magazines

By: Bay Woof
Bay Woof

Bay Woof: an informative and entertaining monthly newspaper for dogs and their people.

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