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National Magazines

African-American Career World

African-American Career World is a career-guidance and recruitment magazine distributed to African American students and professionals in all career disciplines.

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Black EOE Journal

The Black Equal Opportunity Employment Journal is America's leading African-American Business and Career magazine.

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CAREERS & the disABLED is the nation's first and only career-guidance and recruitment magazine for people with disabilities who are at college, graduate, or professional levels.

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By: Diversity Woman Media
Diversity Woman

Diversity Woman Magazine supports the leadership & entrepreneurial development of women of all cultures and backgrounds.

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By: DiversityInc

DiversityInc is the leading source of information on diversity management.

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Employment Guide, The

With over 75 free weekly employment magazines nationwide, listings and resources online at and over 225 local job fairs, The Employment Guide makes it easy for job seekers to find exactly what they're looking for.

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Empowering Women

Empowering Women magazine is a specialized and focused national publication designed to inform, motivate and inspire individuals who are interested in supplementing their income and empowering their lives.

Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity Magazine is a career-guidance and recruitment magazine offered at no charge to qualified African-American, Hispanic, Native-American, and Asian-American college students and professionals in career disciplines.

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G.I. Jobs

G.I. Jobs magazine is the premier publication for military transitioners.

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Hispanic Career World

Hispanic Career World Magazine, launched in 2001 is the recruitment link between students and professionals who are Hispanic and the employers that seek to hire them.

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Hispanic Network

For over a decade, The Hispanic Network Magazine has reported vital news influencing the Hispanic community and shared pertinent principles to empower each individual in achieving both business and employment/career success.

Minority Engineer

Minority Engineer Magazine, is a career- guidance and recruitment magazine offered at no charge to qualified engineering or computer-science students and professionals who are African-American, Hispanic, Native American, and Asian American.

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Professional Woman's

PWM covers news information ranging from professional concerns to civic affairs, trends, diversity careers and business. Every issue includes education, finance, health, technology, travel, the arts, life style and family issues that impact the professional woman.

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SUCCESS for Women

SUCCESS for Women is a magazine dedicated to personal and professional excellence.

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By: Diversity Publishing Group Inc

For 18 years, WE USA has been America's award-winning resource for information on women's business enterprise and diversity.

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Woman Engineer

Woman Engineer Magazine is a career-guidance and recruitment magazine offered to qualified women engineering, computer science and IT students and professionals seeking employment and advancement opportunities in their careers.

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Workforce Diversity For Engineering And IT Professionals

The first magazine published for the professional, diversified high-tech workforce, which encompasses everyone, including women, members of minority groups, people with disabilities, and non-disabled white males to advance in the diversified working community.

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Regional & City Magazines


Networking, careers and style content for 25-to-34-year-old professionals in Des Moines.

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Working World

Working World is a Los Angeles-based magazine that features job listings from local companies, display advertising and career-related articles.

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