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Topics: Dolls & Plush Toys, Doll Making, Teddy Bears, Soft Dolls, Cloth Dolls, Soft Animals, Soft-sculpture, Dollhouses, Sculptural Figures, Miniatures, Doll Collectors and more.

National Magazines

Art Doll Quarterly

Art Doll Quarterly shares dolls and sculptural figures made from fabric, clay, wire, paper, and more

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Contemporary Doll Collector

Award-winning Doll Collector covers the vast doll market for all doll lovers.

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Doll Reader

The entire doll collecting world between two covers: artists, antiques, modern manufacturers, how-to, & much more!

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Dolls magazine is the No. 1 source in the collectible industry.

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Miniature Collector

Miniature Collector is the world's favorite dollhouse and miniatures magazine.

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Prims exclusively features art inspired by a bygone era.

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Soft Dolls & Animals!

Soft Dolls & Animals! magazine is the perfect companion for people who love to make or collect cloth dolls, teddy bears, or animals.

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Stuffed features playful and quirky stuffed creatures to inspire new and veteran softie artists.

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Teddy Bear and Friends

Teddy Bear & Friends is a trustworthy, informative, visually exciting resource edited for the community of teddy bear collectors and makers.

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Teddy Bear Review

Teddy Bear Review magazine embraces the joy of teddy bear and soft-sculpture collecting.

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