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Art Jewelry

We're an international print magazine published 6 times a year that inspires creativity and teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced jewelry makers how to make one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry.

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Bead Unique

Bead Unique™ showcases how beads can accent every aspect of our lives.

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Bead&Button is the original and most comprehensive beading magazine you'll find available today. Published six times a year, Bead&Button offers a variety of beautiful jewelry projects for every skill level.

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BeadStyle, the country's leading magazine for bead enthusiasts, is a bi-monthly magazine from the publishers of Bead&Button.

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Beadwork magazine—quite simply the whole world of beading at your fingertips.

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Belle Armoire

Belle Armoire showcases handmade wearable art, accessories and artisan jewelry.

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Belle Armoire Jewelry

Each issue features artisan jewelry made from glass, wire, beads, PMC, found objects, and more.

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Jewelry Affaire

Jewelry Affaire celebrates the beauty that can be found in easy to make jewelry.

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Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist was the first gem and jewelry-making magazine in the world; starting in June 2007 it is now Jewelry Artist Magazine.

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Step by Step Wire Jewelry

Made to order for the fastest-growing category of jewelry makers.

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From necklaces to earrings to bracelets, Stringing has it all!

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