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National Magazines

Apartamentos Para Rentar

ParaRentar.com and Apartamentos Para Rentar magazine provide the Hispanic community with a fully translated Spanish language apartment finding resource.

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The Best Source for Cultural and Consumer News!

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Hispanic Career World

Hispanic Career World Magazine, launched in 2001 is the recruitment link between students and professionals who are Hispanic and the employers that seek to hire them.

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Hispanic Network

For over a decade, The Hispanic Network Magazine has reported vital news influencing the Hispanic community and shared pertinent principles to empower each individual in achieving both business and employment/career success.

La Familia Cristiana de Hoy

La Familia Cristiana de Hoy seeks to help families honor God where they live.

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New Parent en Español

Created Exclusively for Hispanic Moms-To-Be, New Parent en Español Provides Informative, Immediately Useful Information on the Transition to Parenthood, Infant Care and Family Life.

PEOPLE en Español

Top-selling Hispanic magazine in the United States

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As a premier business magazine, PODER is written for a global audience of influential senior business and political decision-makers.

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READ Mundial

Families that read together, succeed!

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Ser Padres

Ser Padres is a magazine with 20 years of experience. We provide tools for Hispanic parents in the United States to raise children happy, healthy and proud of our traditions and heritage.

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Ser Padres Bebé

Ser Padres Bebé is the trusted source new moms turn to when looking for education and inspiration on raising a healthy and happy baby.

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Ser Padres Espera

Ser Padres Espera is a trusted friend to new and first-time expectant moms.

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Siempre Mujer

Siempre Mujer is for the Hispanic woman living in the U.S. who keeps her traditions alive and embraces new American values.

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By: Urban Latino Media Group Ltd
Urban Latino

The latest in Latino culture

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By: Editorial Televisa S.A. de C.V.

Vanidades is one of the most popular Spanish language women's magazines.

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Vida Cristiana

Vida Cristiana is the leading Spanish Christian magazine in the nation.

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Regional & City Magazines

Eco Latino

Nearly a quarter million Hispanics are now living in northeast Florida from many diverse backgrounds and countries, and their lives are chronicled each month in the pages of Eco Latino.

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By: Que Onda Magazine
Que Onda

Leading Hispanic news and entertainment publication.

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