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National Magazines

By: Chautauqua, Inc.
All About Beer

All About Beer is America’s best beer magazine.

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By: Inc

BeerAdvocate Magazine is a nationally distributed print companion to the world's largest online beer community.

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Brew Your Own

The How-To Homebrew Beer Magazine

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Cigar & Spirits

Cigar & Spirits Magazine is a lifestyle publication tailored to the lover of a great cigar and a great drink, shared with good people.

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By: DRAFT Publishing

America's Favorite Beer Magazine.

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A nationally syndicated, locally branded quarterly magazine designed for lovers of fine wine and premium spirits.

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Food & Wine

Food & Wine has always gone way beyond mere eating and drinking. Were on a mission to find the most exciting places, new experiences, emerging trends, and sensations.

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By: Wine & Spirits Magazine
Wine & Spirits

Wine & Spirits - and American wine magazine.

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By: Wine Enthusiast Companies
Wine Enthusiast

The Ultimate Source For Everything Wine.

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Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator illuminates and educates wine lovers and epicureans.

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Helping You Create Your Own Great Wine at Home

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Regional & City Magazines

Gulf Coast Wine+Dine

Gulf Coast Wine+Dine, launching in 2009, will broaden the reach of readers with a love for the lifestyle of the southern Gulf Coast.

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Virginia Wine Lover

A lifestyle magazine for Virginians with distinctive taste, Virginia Wine Lover celebrates Virginia wine and food and all that it encompasses.

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Online Publications & Websites

By: Wine Country Network Inc.
Wine Country International

Your attitude-free passport to great wine & delicious food.

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