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Clipper Magazine

Clipper Magazine

Local Advertising solutions that work. Stop hiding from your customers!

Memorable messages get better results. So, we offer you the invaluable resource of specially trained graphic artists, writers and production staff - all using the industry's most advanced technology. The results? Ads that polish your image and amplify the power of your message.

Editions: 717 local editions in 30+ states mailed 6-8 times annually (more in selected markets), targeting 20,000-27,000 homes per issue.

Regional Editions: Total 100 version pre-printed and bound within our 717 local area editions. Target: 150,000+ homes per issue.

Editorial Focus: Full-color advertising in a glossy magazine format, consisting largely of local merchants and services but also including major regional and national advertisers.

Editorial Point-Of-Difference: Our eye-catching format and ease of use make us the most appealing direct-mail advertising in America, with an extended shelf life in the home. In independent research, our product has proven to have a shelf life of seven weeks, making it ideal for new product promotions as well as brand building.

Readership: Exceeds 230 million annually. 75% of all Clipper Magazine issues are read by at least two people in a household. A study showed that 54% of Clipper Magazine readers share the magazines with their spouses or significant others.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Clipper Magazine's website.

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Gannett is an international media and marketing solutions company providing millions of people with the information they want; and connecting them to their communities of interest through multiple platforms including Internet, mobile, newspapers, magazines and TV.


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