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City & Shore Magazine

City & Shore Magazine

City & Shore is an upscale lifestyle and fashion magazine serving the South Florida market from north Miami-Dade through all of Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Standard features include fashion, home design, travel, real estate, dining, society and entertainment that caters to an affluent, style-conscious reader who desires to savor the good life in South Florida. The editorial staff includes award-winning Tribune and Sun-Sentinel journalists, columnists and photographers.

City & Shore, published 10 times yearly, is a magazine that savors the good life in South Florida. Each issue explores South Florida fashion, home design, travel, fine dining, society, entertainment and lifestyle. The magazine is distributed with the Sun Sentinel to selected subscribers.

City & Shore Magazine provides high-quality editorial content backed by the abundant resources of the Sun Sentinel. Many of the magazine’s celebrity columnists and reader favorites also write for the Sun Sentinel and have large, established reader followings.

Editorial & Photo Credit: City & Shore Magazine's website.

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