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EBONY Magazine

EBONY Magazine

The leading African-American monthly magazine.

EBONY magazine, the No. 1 African-American magazine in the world, is not just another magazine, it's a way of life. EBONY magazine was founded over 60 years ago, with the first issue being published in November 1945, to offer new hope in a world that showed few positive images of African-Americans.

Our over 12 million monthly readers don't just read EBONY magazine, they live it. Between each and every page, the magazine is full of information to enrich, encourage and enlighten the entire family. EBONY magazineoffers fresh, exciting images and perspectives on the new Black America and remains the only Black general interest and major monthly magazine that covers all of Black America.

The magazine profiles successful African-American role models; discusses the issues that our community faces today; goes one-on-one with the hottest celebrities and community leaders; and brings you tips on career, relationships, health, parenting, personal finance and much more.

Editorial & Photo Credit: EBONY Magazine's website.

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EBONY Magazine Publisher:

Johnson Publishing Company

Johnson Publishing Company Inc. is the world's largest African-American-owned and-operated publishing company.

Johnson Publishing Company

Johnson Publishing Company also publishes...


The leading African-American weekly magazine.

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