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Boston Parents Paper Magazine

Boston Parents Paper Magazine

The award-winning magazine and Web site reaching more than 155,000 parents and families across Eastern Massachustts.

Boston Parents Paper and our website,, offers award-winning articles, tips and resources about local issues facing Massachusetts parents, as well as a local calendar of family events (updated monthly in print and daily online). As part of a national network of local parenting publications, we also provide articles with national scope and local relevance. You won't find better content in any other parenting magazine – local or national, in print or online.

This thought-provoking, service-oriented editorial package is complemented by targeted, creative advertising that captures the attention of parents trying to meet the daily challenges of raising children and heading up a family. Unlike most magazines, our advertisements are not a distraction – they are an integral, anticipated part of a magazine and website that local parents have depended on for more than 25 years.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Boston Parents Paper Magazine's website.

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Boston Parents Paper Magazine Publisher:

Dominion Parenting Media

Dominion Parenting Media is the nation's largest publisher of free regional parenting magazines. Our publications target moms, expectant mothers, and families with children in Los Angeles, Boston, San Antonio, New York, San Francisco and Denver areas.

Dominion Parenting Media

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