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PARADE Magazine

PARADE Magazine

Latest news, photos and information on the top stories in celebrity, entertainment, health, fitness, food and games.

PARADE is a national Sunday newspaper magazine, distributed in more than 600 newspapers across the United States. Founded in 1941, it is the most widely read magazine in America,with a circulation of 72 million.

PARADE needs no introduction to its 74 million readers, who value it for the fun and information of Personality Parade, for the challenge and wit of Ask Marilyn, the currency of ideas in Intelligence Report and, above all, for its relevance. PARADE begins with a single, powerful image that draws readers in and then holds them with stories that educate, entertain and empower. Joining the right writer to the right idea, PARADE consistently provides its readers with quality stories. That quality itself is defined by three elements: clarity, authority and substance. Each article must be clear in design and content and well researched and written with a voice of authority. It must also have substance, telling readers something they didnít know before and giving them an opportunity to effect change.

Editorial & Photo Credit: PARADE Magazine's website.

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PARADE Magazine Publisher:

Parade Publications

Parade Publications is North American media company that produces PARADE magazine. Parade Publications also publishes PARADE's HealthyStyle and Dash magazines.

Parade Publications

Parade Publications also publishes...

PARADE's HealthyStyle

PARADE's HealthyStyle brings a fresh, dynamic approach to the latest health, food, fitness and nutrition information.


Serving up simple, budget-conscious recipes to help you get meals on the table in a 'dash'!

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