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Racer X Illustrated Magazine

Racer X Illustrated Magazine

The best in motocross and supercross news and video

The ground-breaking, industry-leading magazine that has brought a whole new look and feel to our sport.

Whether you're a long-time fan or just getting a glance at the sport for the first time, Racer X Illustrated is the magazine to have if you're exploring or living the lifestyle surrounding the motocross world. No other magazine in the industry goes as in-depth as Racer X Illustrated, the ground-breaking publication that has brought a whole new look and feel to our sport.

Once an underground newspaper, Racer X Illustrated is now the largest and most influential publication in the motocross and off-road industry. Every month, Davey Coombs and his crew of talented friends put out the best magazine in the business, filled with incredible photos, in-depth race coverage, leading-edge design, humor and the ultimate insider’s knowledge of the motocross and supercross world. Racer X Illustrated—it's the magazine the other motocross publications are trying to follow.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Racer X Illustrated Magazine's website.

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Racer X Illustrated Magazine Publisher:

Filter Publications LLC

Publisher of Road Racer X, Racer X Illustrated and The Racing Paper.

Filter Publications LLC also publishes...

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The official publication of the PAMX Association.

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