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Environment Magazine

Environment Magazine

Environment Magazine - science and policy for sustainable development.

Now in its 52nd year of publication, Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development analyzes the problems, places, and people where environment and development come together, illuminating concerns from the local to the global.

More readable than specialized journals and more timely than textbooks, Environment offers peer-reviewed articles and commentaries from researchers and practitioners who provide a broad range of international perspectives. This ISI-rated magazine also features in-depth reviews of major policy reports, conferences, and environmental education initiatives, as well as guides to the best Web sites, journal articles, and books.

Advertise in Environment and reach an intelligent, highly targeted audience of policymakers, educators, students, and individuals interested in environment and sustainable living. Our magazine also offers a unique opportunity to join those companies seeking to promote and/or enhance their public image as contributing to sustainability efforts. Advertising is available on our Web site as well as in the print publication.

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