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Gentry Home Magazine

Gentry Home Magazine

Interior Design, Kitchens & Bath, Gardens, Cooking & Wineries, Art, Elements

GENTRY HOME is the most exclusive resource for luxury home, kitchen, bath, and design products and services on the San Francisco Peninsula and Silicon Valley.

Each issue, with incredible design and photography, brings a high quality media experience to its readers. These readers—homeowners who buy high-end goods and services—love the award winning GENTRY HOME features and departments and enthusiastically respond to the exceptional advertisers within its pages. Beautiful advertising and editorial work in concert to create a superior buying experience for readers. With its marketing programs that include the printed magazine, the electronic magazine, and editorial promotion, GENTRY HOME offers the most effective way to reach advertiser’s best buying prospects.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Gentry Home Magazine's website.

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Gentry Home Magazine Publisher:

18 Media Inc.

Founded in 1993, 18 Media is the leading media company of the San Francisco Peninsula and Silicon Valley. The Gentry Family of Magazines provides readers, advertisers, and our partners with an incomparable experience with a higher standard of quality, honesty, and integrity.

18 Media Inc.

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