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7x7 Magazine

7x7 Magazine

San Francisco's premier resource for Food, Fashion, Culture, Music, Nightlife, Parties and more.

7x7 magazine provides a mix of informative, stylish and accessible content, and engages passionate users who love their city. 7x7 is the essential resource for residents and visitors who seek insider information on the San Francisco's people, food, wine, art, fashion, design, and travel.

Founded in 2001, 7x7 is san Francisco’s premier lifestyle platform, offering a combination of print, online, mobile and event channels working together to provide maximum brand exposure. With relevant and entertaining content, 7x7 engages readers who are passionate about san Francisco—inspiring them to celebrate and share their experience of the city. over the years, February’s Eat+Drink awards, June’s Best of the city awards, September's style council, and October’s hot 20 have become just a few of the annual features that make 7x7 the most influential and authoritative voice in San Francisco.

Editorial & Photo Credit: 7x7 Magazine's website.

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McEvoy Media

McEvoy Media is an American consumer-magazine publisher in Northern California area. McEvoy Media publications include California Home and Design, 7x7 and SPIN magazines.

McEvoy Media

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