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Conceive is the expert on getting pregnant, the only consumer lifestyle brand devoted to helping women create the families they want.

Conceive provides women with accurate, timely information on general reproductive health, nutrition, fitness, fertility and infertility to help them prepare for a happy and healthy pregnancy. Conceive's audience is not so much a niche as a life stage nearly every woman will be starting a family at some point in her life. Whether in her 20s, recently married, and thinking about "trying" soon, or 30-something and worried about her biological clock, or 40-something and immersed in fertility treatments or any combination of the above Conceive's readers share a desire for information and support.

A must-have resource for any woman who is TTC (trying to conceive), Conceive aims to educate women and couples about how to get healthy and get pregnant through its web site,, and with twice-yearly print publications distributed through doctors' offices and with sister publication Parenting Early Years magazine.

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