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InStyle Magazine

Fashion, beauty and celebrity buzz you need to know.

Launched in June 1994 by Time Inc., InStyle has emerged as the world's premier media brand in celebrity, style, fashion, beauty and beyond. InStyle takes a uniquely fun and inviting attitude towards celebrity style in all its forms including its flagship magazine which reaches an audience of 9.6 million readers each month.

The InStyle brand portfolio also includes television specials, online, mobile, satellite radio, books, international editions and special issues (InStyle Weddings, InStyle Home and InStyle Makeover.) In every facet, InStyle presents an exciting and vibrant visual feast, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality while inspiring women to express their individual style and have fun.

Editorial & Photo Credit: InStyle Magazine's website.

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InStyle Magazine Publisher:

Time Inc.

Time Inc. is one of the largest content companies in the world. Time Inc., a Time Warner company, produces and operates publications that reach over 100 million adults, nearly half the U.S. population.

Time Inc.

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