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Life Images Magazine

Life Images Magazine

Artistic photos paired with written accounts invite you to share a moment in someone else's life.

All the colors of the world emerge in this tapestry of original photographs, brought to you in Life Images. This 144–page publication is filled with full–page images, accompanied by the photographers' journaling, that invite you to share a moment in someone else's life. This breath–taking glimpse into the story behind the photograph will offer readers a unique opportunity to explore each image through thought–provoking written excerpts.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Life Images Magazine's website.

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Stampington & Company is a leading source of information and inspiration for arts and crafts lovers around the world. Stampington & Company was founded in 1994. Stampington & Company is the publisher of more than 30 diverse art and crafting publications. Stampington & Company is your source for creative inspiration!

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