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New York Spaces Magazine

New York Spaces Magazine

The home design magazine for and about the world’s design capital, metropolitan New York.

MORE THAN JUST A MAGAZINE, NEW YORK SPACES IS YOUR CONNECTOR TO ultra-affluent homeowners and prestigious design trade professionals.

Located in the center of the world’s design stage, it reaches a coterie of sophisticated consumers, architects and designers. Transcending geographic boundaries, NEW YORK SPACES attracts discerning readers who are inquisitive, passionate and acquisitive when it comes to matters of design inside and outside of their homes.

WITH A RATE BASE OF 56,000 AND A REACH OF 196,000,* NEW YORK SPACES delivers to a highly targeted regional market CONNECTING readers to leading design professionals, luxury products and specialized services.

As the most efficient buy in the market, NEW YORK SPACES is also available on select newsstands nationwide, as well as in high-traffic public spaces and targeted, upscale venues, including major design industry and trade events, conferences, art fairs, cultural events, spas, restaurants and boutique hotels.

Editorial & Photo Credit: New York Spaces Magazine's website.

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New York Spaces Magazine Publisher:

Wainscot Media

Wainscot Media is a full-service communications company that specializes in home design, health and lifestyle content.

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