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Digital Photo Magazine

Digital Photo Magazine

Digital Photo magazine is your #1 guide for better digital photography.

Digital Photo focuses exclusively on the world of digital photography and video as it relates to the enthusiast. Its website,, offers online articles with expanded tutorials and illustrations that provide digital-imaging enthusiasts with the tools and instruction necessary to perfect their digital photography skills.

Digital Photo was launched in 1997 in response to the emerging interest in the impending sea change in the way photographs would be made. Digital Photo was ahead of its time, as it took nearly two years for other popular magazines to stop regularly featuring film cameras on their covers. It was an exciting time. Photoshop had reached 4.0, and the Internet was in the midst of two years of explosive growth. Over the ensuing decade, Digital Photo editorial coverage has evolved to reflect the interests of its readership and the ever-changing trends in technology.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Digital Photo Magazine's website.

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