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Yankee Magazine

Yankee Magazine

The only magazine devoted to New England.

Yankee, "New England's magazine" is enjoyed nationally. The Yankee community shares an affinity for New England and a love of Yankee Magazine. Yankee's marketing partners benefit from exposure to an active, engaged, and influential audience across the country.

Our mission is to enhance the New England experience and the feeling of belonging that comes with being a New Englander. We engage, connect, and empower members of the Yankee community to realize the full potential of the brand.

With a welcoming and knowledgeable voice, and a sense of all that is unique about this region, Yankee Magazine delivers a genuine New England perspective that is beautiful, heartening, and of the moment.

Yankee stirs plans for perfect travels and ideal living spaces, captures the region's flavor, and creates a shared New England experience, through the pages of the magazine, YankeeMagazine.com, NewEngland.com, and at live events.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Yankee Magazine's website.

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Yankee Magazine Publisher:

Yankee Publishing Inc.

YANKEE PUBLISHING was founded in 1935 by Robb and Beatrix Sagendorph.

Yankee Publishing Inc.

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