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Sand Sports Magazine

Since 1995, Sand Sports Magazine has been considered by many people to be the off-road industry’s leading publication devoted to sand enthusiasts who recreate in the dunes and desert areas.

Not only is Sand Sports widely distributed to newsstands and subscribers throughout the United States, it is also shipped internationally to several countries where off-road vehicles are driven for fun and excitement. Sand Sports has developed a reputation for bringing its readers the latest news and information related to off-road vehicles and the remote places where people drive them.

Sand Sports Magazine is is published six times each year on a bimonthly basis, and each issue contains top quality articles covering a variety of subjects. This includes action-packed features on dune buggies, ATVs, Utility Vehicles (UTVs), motorcycles, Jeeps, 4x4 trucks, sand drag machines, sandboarding, and just about anything else that rides on the sand and dirt. We also spotlight various ride spots across the country, and cover in-depth technical and how-to articles, current reports on land use issues, history about the industry and early off-road pioneers, and much more.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Sand Sports Magazine's website.

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Wright Publishing Company Inc.

Wright Publishing has been an innovator in the automotive magazine industry, originating several popular periodicals, including 3Wheeling, ATV Sports, SAND SPORTS, and Mini-Truck. Source:

Wright Publishing Company Inc.

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