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Men's Journal Magazine

Men's Journal Magazine

Men's Journal is a lifestyle magazine for men who are always looking to do more with their lives.

The spirit of adventure and discovery is at the core of everything we do. Each issue is packed with fresh ideas and challenges that allow active, accomplished men to achieve even greater personal fulfillment, and to build a life in which nothing is average. Pushing beyond one's comfort zone takes confidence, and confidence takes knowledge and practice. Our readers count on Men's journal to exactly that expertise and information.

Men's Journal is published 11 times a year with 1 double issue.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Men's Journal Magazine's website.

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Men's Journal Magazine Publisher:

Wenner Media LLC

Magazine publisher Wenner Media owns "Rolling Stone". The company also publishes men's lifestyle mag "Men's Journal" and entertainment title "US Weekly".

Wenner Media LLC

Wenner Media LLC also publishes...

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone goes beyond just taking the pulse of youth culture. Rolling Stone is the pulse of youth culture.

Us Weekly

Celebrity News and Celebrity Gossip

Learn more about Wenner Media LLC in our "Profile" for this company where you can get all the contact details, plus complete lineup of publications and Wenner Media LLC media kits.