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Wine Spectator Magazine

Wine Spectator Magazine

Wine Spectator illuminates and educates wine lovers and epicureans.

Wine Spectator is published 15 times per year. We are renowned for our in-depth wine tasting reports and Buying Guide, travel and fine dining features, chefs' menus, personality profiles and thought-provoking editorial.

Our circulation continues to grow, 35% since 2000, and MRI tracks our readership at more than 2.5 million.

Our readers include epicureans, connoisseurs and collectors and business leaders. In addition, the trade readership comprises the multibillion-dollar wine and spirit industry. To put it simply, those who enjoy wine and spirits, food, travel and the good life read Wine Spectator.

Wine Spectator ranks No.1 among consumer and business publications according to Luxury Institute's 2008 survey. This survey, Luxury Institute's 2008 Brand Status Index Survey of Consumer Publications, investigates the opinions of wealthy consumers.* Wine Spectator finished first among 35 consumer publications, including the likes of Vanity Fair, Town and Country and Robb Report. The magazine ranked first overall among consumer publications by "executing the fundamentals of subject matter expertise, content relevance and helpfulness, appropriateness of advertising, and superior production quality extraordinarily well," according to the Luxury Institute.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Wine Spectator Magazine's website.

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Wine Spectator Magazine Publisher:

M. Shanken Communications Inc.

M. Shanken Communications is the publisher of Wine Spectator, Cigar Aficionado, Food Arts, Market Watch and Impact magazines.

M. Shanken Communications Inc.

M. Shanken Communications Inc. also publishes...

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