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MonthlyAdvertiser Magazine

MonthlyAdvertiser Magazine

The MonthlyAdvertiser is a high-quality, direct-mail advertising magazine, produced in three editions (combined 73,600 circulation) each month to serve the western Oakland lakes area of Oakland County.

One edition (23,500 circulation), mailed at the start of each month, reaches Commerce, Wolverine Lake, portions of Walled Lake, western West Bloomfield and southwestern Waterford and the southeastern portion of White Lake, commonly referred to as the Union Lake area. The second edition(26,600 circulation), mailed at the mid-month point, reaches Milford, Highland, Hartland, the majority of White Lake, and the Lake Sherwood area of Commerce. The third edition (23,500), mailed at the start of each month, reaches Walled Lake, Wolverine Lake, Wixom and the north part of Novi.

Editorial & Photo Credit: MonthlyAdvertiser Magazine's website.

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MonthlyAdvertiser Magazine Publisher:

SCN Communications Group

The SCN Communications Group has been publishing in Oakland County for over five decades.

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Oakland Lakefront is a special target-market, direct mail magazine delivered six times each year to over 17,000 lakefront homeowners in affluent Oakland County.

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