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Stops & Starts Magazine

Stops & Starts Magazine

The official publication of the American Hockey Coaches Association

Published six times each season, Stops & Starts is mailed to all NCAA menís and womenís Division I and Division III head coaches, as well as assistants and staff. Club hockey teams across the country also receive the publication, along with affiliate members in the prep and amateur ranks.

This season, advertising opportunities are being offered for the first time! If your business is looking to reach the influential coaches across the country, Stops & Starts is the place to advertise your products and services!

Editorial & Photo Credit: Stops & Starts Magazine's website.

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Stops & Starts Magazine Publisher:

Touchpoint Publishing

Touchpoint Publishing - Experience & Excellence in Custom Publishing. Touchpoint Publishing brings together the New York and Minneapolis offices of Touchpoint Media and Touchpoint Sports.

Touchpoint Publishing

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