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Arizona Foothills Magazine

Arizona Foothills Magazine

Arizona Foothills Magazine is the leading authority on luxury and lifestyle in Arizona, and has been for more than fourteen years.

Arizona Foothills Magazine is the Valley's leading luxury lifestyle magazine, and is dedicated to providing resourceful information on dining, entertainment, homes, fashion, culture and events in Arizona. Arizona Foothills Magazine is published monthly and is audited by an accredited outside company, who ensures the issues are printed and distributed as promised.

We have advertisers who have trusted us with their advertising needs since our inception in 1997. Don't miss the opportunity to get in front of our important audience that is active, affluent and embraces desert living through a lifestyle of luxury and prestige.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Arizona Foothills Magazine's website.

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Arizona Foothills Magazine Publisher:

Media That Deelivers

Established in 1997, Media That Deelivers is a local media and publishing company comprised of Valley tastemakers.

Media That Deelivers

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