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Sporting News Magazine

Sporting News Magazine

Sporting News Magazine is the only sports title with year-round coverage of every major sport.

The only sports title with year-round coverage of every major sport, Sporting News Magazine delivers unbiased access to the biggest names in sports, with hundreds of insiders including scouts, athletes, executives and more in every issue. Nobody speaks to more insiders than us.

Sporting News is the information authority for real fans. With unprecedented access to hundreds of experts who live the game, Sporting News offers insights, information, analysis and context on a daily basis that is delivered in a multi-media approach with aggressive, to-the-source reporting, sans the hyperbole of other category leaders.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Sporting News Magazine's website.

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Sporting News

Sporting News is a multi-media company catering to avid sports fans. Sporting News was founded in 1886.

Sporting News

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