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Fútbol Mundial Magazine

Fútbol Mundial Magazine

Launched during World Cup 2002, Fútbol Mundial is the nation’s largest soccer and Spanish language sports publication with an audited circulation in excess of 950,000 copies with each edition.

As The Mundial Group's flagship publication, its goal is to cover soccer from a global perspective while simultaneously connecting the fastest growing sport in the US (the sport of soccer) with its largest, most loyal fan base (Hispanics).

Fútbol Mundial is a publication that lends itself to features and analysis with strong opinions. Fútbol Mundial boasts several of the best soccer writers in the world, based from New York, Los Angeles, Miami, to Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and Rome.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Fútbol Mundial Magazine's website.

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Fútbol Mundial Magazine Publisher:

The Mundial Group

The Mundial Group is an American consumer-magazine publishing and media company serving Sports enthusiasts. The Mundial Group publications include Béisbol Mundial, Boxeo Mundial, Fútbol Mundial, and READ Mundial magazines.

The Mundial Group

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