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St. Charles Avenue Magazine

St. Charles Avenue Magazine

St. Charles Avenue is the monthly look at society, celebration and style with the flair of New Orleans.

St. Charles Avenue is the magazine of the city's social activist and society scene. The pictorial publication covers non-profit fundraisers and society events. The monthly glossy magazine also has food and lifestyle features.

Editorial & Photo Credit: St. Charles Avenue Magazine's website.

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St. Charles Avenue Magazine Publisher:

Renaissance Publishing LLC

Renaissance Publishing is an American consumer-magazine publisher serving Louisiana residents and visitors. Renaissance Publishing titles include New Orleans Magazine, New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles, OnStage, Louisiana Life, Gulf Coast Wine+Dine, New Orleans Bride and St. Charles Avenue Magazine.

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New Orleans Bride Magazine is the upscale, sophisticated bridal publication of New Orleans.

Gulf Coast Wine+Dine

Gulf Coast Wine+Dine, launching in 2009, will broaden the reach of readers with a love for the lifestyle of the southern Gulf Coast.

New Orleans

New Orleans Magazine is the city’s oldest magazine and boasts the largest paid subscriber base other than the daily newspaper. This monthly lifestyle magazine is where locals go to for feature stories about their great city.

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