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Fishing Facts Magazine

Fishing Facts Magazine

Fishing Facts magazine is the first publication in America dedicated to teaching people how to fish.

Founded in 1963 by Fishing Hall-of-Fame Legend Bill Binkelman, Fishing Facts is the first publication devoted to teaching people how to fish. MidWest Outdoors, Ltd. purchased Fishing Facts in December of 1998, and immediately placed Fishing Facts back on the newsstand and began systematic subscription mailings to high-end fishermen. MidWest Outdoors has made Fishing Facts more reader-friendly, incorporating more articles and new faces mixed in with veteran Fishing Facts writers.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Fishing Facts Magazine's website.

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Fishing Facts Magazine Publisher:

MidWest Outdoors Ltd.

Since 1967, MidWest Outdoors has been dedicated to helping people enjoy the outdoors.

MidWest Outdoors Ltd.

MidWest Outdoors Ltd. also publishes...

MidWest Outdoors

MidWest Outdoors is dedicated to helping people enjoy the outdoors.

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