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North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives
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North Dakota Living Magazine

North Dakota Living Magazine

A magazine that captures what's in the hearts and minds of North Dakotans.

North Dakota Living is the voice of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives in our state. Through North Dakota Living, our cooperatives sustain positive relationships with their members, publishing local co-op information just for them.

North Dakota LIVING is a magazine that captures what's in the hearts and minds of North Dakotan's who live and work in this great state. A monthly publication celebrating its 54th year, we offer readers and advertisers information that's important and useful, as well as entertaining. We cover the issues and events North Dakotans are interested in and care about. Plus, North Dakota LIVING includes recipes, household tips, reflections from readers, healthcare information, history and travel articles, the latest in technology news, a section dedicated to teenagers, local and statewide news and more!

There's something for everyone in our publication, and that's one of the reasons it's the best-read, largest circulation publication in North Dakota. With high circulation and readership numbers, we are North Dakota's #1 publication, and continue to be the publication that North Dakotan's enjoy most.

Editorial & Photo Credit: North Dakota Living Magazine's website.

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Electric cooperative consumers in rural and suburban areas

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