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Rural Electric Nebraskan Magazine

Rural Electric Nebraskan Magazine

The Rural Electric Nebraskan (REN) has been published since January 1947.

The role of the Rural Electric Nebraskan is to chronicle the benefits and challenges of rural community life, inform consumers of the status of the rural electrification programs, inform consumers about the challenges faced by rural electric service providers and to provide electrical safety and energy conservation information.

The Rural Electric Nebraskan magazine publishes articles of interest to rural Nebraskans, especially those which both inform and entertain our readers, most of whom are farmers and ranchers. The Rural Electric Nebraskan works to address the following issues: rural health care, rural education, rural transportation, rural economic development and other aspects of rural living, especially those that show the relationship between rural electrification and the quality of rural life.

The Rural Electric Nebraskan is published monthly and is distributed to nearly 60,000 rural households in 70 Nebraska Counties.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Rural Electric Nebraskan Magazine's website.

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