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Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design Magazine

Interior Design magazine is the definitive resource for interior design professionals.

Interior Design is the magazine for the interior design professional marketplace, published 15 times per year, monthly except semimonthly in April (Buyers Guide), May (Spring Market), and October (Fall Market).

Each month, the magazine features a variety of outstanding projects, the latest new products across all disciplines, industry news and more. In fact, Interior Design offers the most editorial pages of any publication in the field and an unparalleled level of design-hungry readership.

Designers are leaders, empowering the world through better form and function. These influencers in turn look for leadership, a source they can turn to arouse their senses and light their vision. Interior Design magazine stands out as the only content solution that meets the community's standards of excellence.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Interior Design Magazine's website.

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Interior Design Magazine Publisher:

Sandow Media Corporation

Sandow Media's flagship brands include the powerhouse beauty publication NewBeauty, Worth, the business and finance magazine for the ultra-affluent audience and LUXE, the nation's largest network of luxury shelter magazines. Sandow Media was established in 2002.

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