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Eating Well Magazine

Eating Well Magazine

Where Good Taste Meets Good Health

EATINGWELL delivers the information and inspiration people need to make healthy eating a way of life. Award-winning and life-changing, EatingWell is the only brand that gives Americans the healthy they aspire to, the wholesome they want and the taste they crave.

We speak to a new generation of intelligent, demanding consumers who are passionate about both their food and their health—and conscious of how their choices impact the environment and their communities. Our readers understand the intimate links between good food and wellness, vitality and happiness. They make health and flavor a priority in their lives and EATINGWELL helps them do so.

At a time when food is at the center of society-wide controversy and health concerns, EATINGWELL serves up authoritative, science-based advice on how to shop, cook and eat confidently, and provides delicious answers to the daily question, "What's for dinner tonight?"

Our trustworthy nutrition advice is easy to follow and our delicious recipes are tested over and over so that anyone can make them at home. EATINGWELL is all about "eating well" every day.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Eating Well Magazine's website.

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Intelligent, demanding consumers who are passionate about both their food and their health

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Meredith Corporation

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