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PainPathways Magazine

PainPathways Magazine

PainPathways is the first, only and ultimate pain magazine.

First published in spring 2008, PainPathways is the culmination of the vision of Richard L. Rauck, MD, to provide a shared resource for people living with and caring for others in pain. This quarterly resource not only provides in-depth information on current treatments, therapies and research studies but also connects people who live with pain, both personally and professionally.

PainPathways is a national, quarterly magazine for acute, chronic and cancer pain patients, physicians and caregivers. The first and only niche magazine for pain, it is the ultimate resource for current pain research and therapies. Our Purpose is to inform and inspire readers to define their best path to wellness.

PainPathways is the official magazine of the World Institute of Pain and has been available in doctors' offices and pain clinics across the United States since spring 2008, and in Canada since 2009. Patients and caregivers may receive the publication in their homes. PainPathways is distributed to health care offices nationwide is also available online and in bookstores across the U.S. and in Canada.

Editorial & Photo Credit: PainPathways Magazine's website.

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