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Preview Magazine is Oklahoma City's premier lifestyle magazine focusing on events and places to go.

A lavishly illustrated, full-color monthly magazine on slick, Oklahoma City Preview Magazine is known for its editorial coverage of local cultural events, its striking design and aggressive circulation. Every month Preview Magazine brings you the best of what Oklahoma City has to offer, including in depth interviews of Oklahoma City's most interesting people, comprehensive listing of events, real estate, personal finance, food and dining, entertainment and shopping.

Preview Magazine has been the quintessential source for what is happening, when and where around the city, month after month for 17 years. Our staff and their families live and work in Oklahoma and are dedicated to producing a reliable, informative, high quality visitors magazine.

Preview is in all the prime locations for our visitors to pick up and use. Preview distributes over 20,000 magazines each month. 12,000 copies are placed in hotels. 2,650 copies are distributed to: convention bureaus, chambers of commerce, Will Rogers World Airport, FAA housing, State Fair Arena and all state welcome centers. 5,350 copies are distributed to: local restaurants, retail establishments, horse shows, museums and replacement copies to hotels. It is nearly impossible to visit Oklahoma City and not have an opportunity to pick up a copy of Preview Magazine.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Preview Magazine's website.

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