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AT HOME with CENTURY 21 Magazine

AT HOME with CENTURY 21 Magazine

Official member publication for Preferred Client Club (PCC) members of CENTURY 21.

AT HOME with CENTURY 21 magazine inspires readers to imagine and achieve a better home environment by presenting fresh style ideas and sensible projects. It gives practical advice on how to protect and enhance their investment, with everything from seasonal upkeep tips to smart money management strategies.

The editorial mix and photographic style reflect the diversity of the CENTURY 21 clientele by featuring a variety of geographic locations and architectural styles. The magazine's easy-to-read, engaging stories and chic photography inspire readers to add value to their investment by renovating and decorating their new space.

Clients receive customized issues of At Home six times a year, with specific relevant content highlighted just for them. The issue is personalized with a greeting from their real estate agent, ensuring a personal one-to-one connection is forged and maintained.

Editorial & Photo Credit: AT HOME with CENTURY 21 Magazine's website.

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