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Tatlet Russia Magazine

Tatlet Russia Magazine

Legendary magazine about high life and fashion

Tatlet is the most complete, actual and handsome magazine about fashion and high-life that abounds in today's Russia.

Tatler is synonymous with reports from the most private parties, interviews with the most desired stars, and naturally, the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Tatler is a magazine about bright personalities.

All news about fashion, beauty and culture are presented through a prism of celebrities' personal choice; film- and show-business stars, TV anchors, society activists, members of traditional European nobility and the most extravagant figures of New Money breed – spiffy billionaires, eager to grab all joys of life.

Only in Tatler you can find ratings of the best stylists, cosmetologists and governesses of Moscow, London and New York. Only Tatler can give you a clue to the most tangled intricacies of the most powerful clans of New and Old Worlds.

Tatler's reputation was built in centuries: For the first time it was published in London over 300 years ago! That's partly explains why those who rule the world put their secrets in trust only to Tatler. Only for Tatler are opening the doors of private closets, galleries and garages of those, who possess the biggest fortunes in this world. Only Tatler's correspondents and photographers have access to the most outstanding resorts and private clubs where only the richest and famous go. As the English say, there's no place for ordinary things in high spheres. Same can be said about Tatler.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Tatlet Russia Magazine's website.

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Tatlet Russia Magazine Publisher:

Conde Nast Russia

Conde Nast holds 20% share of advertising market among all glossy publications (in 2009 this figure reached 21%). Its total monthly Moscow audience (Vogue, GQ, AD, Glamour) exceeds 600,000 readers and its readership coverage in Russia (Vogue, GQ, Glamour) is close to 3m. The aggregate circulation of all Condé Nast Russian editions has reached 1,230,000 copies.

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