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Vogue Russia Magazine

Vogue Russia Magazine

Before it's in Fashion it's in VOGUE

Vogue is the World's leading fashion magazine, an undisputable arbiter of all things refined, a trend setter of glossy tastes and a flagship of the Conde Nast publishing empire.

Every month 16 million female readers impatiently await upcoming release of a new Vogue, 665 thousands of them in Russia alone. Vogue is often nicknamed as the Bible of Fashion. In December 2006 the New York Times wrote, re-phrasing the words o Voltaire: If there was no Vogue, it must have been invented! In Russia Vogue has been published for the last 11 years and the credit for last decade's change in Russian women, becoming much more open -minded, good-looking and self-sufficient - should also be given to Vogue.

Through its more than 100-year history, neither World Wars, nor global crises could shatter Vogue's reputation. Firstly, because there's nothing in this World able to take away from woman, wherever and whenever she could be, a desire to be the most fashionable and beautiful. Secondly, because Vogue became synonymous of top-notch professionalism for designers, writers, artists and photographers.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Vogue Russia Magazine's website.

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Vogue Russia Magazine Publisher:

Conde Nast Russia

Conde Nast holds 20% share of advertising market among all glossy publications (in 2009 this figure reached 21%). Its total monthly Moscow audience (Vogue, GQ, AD, Glamour) exceeds 600,000 readers and its readership coverage in Russia (Vogue, GQ, Glamour) is close to 3m. The aggregate circulation of all Condé Nast Russian editions has reached 1,230,000 copies.

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