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Boca Raton Observer Magazine

Boca Raton Observer Magazine

The Boca Raton Observer is an entertaining, informative, high-quality magazine dedicated to sophisticated, stylish readers living & working in Palm Beach County.

Committed to a comprehensive focus on the community, The Boca Raton Observer celebrates the people, their homes and businesses, charity and cultural organizations and the schools and leisure activities that comprise the ultimate Boca Raton lifestyle.

The Boca Raton Observer focuses on the market served and delivers a fresh perspective featuring the area’s most interesting people, places and things. A commitment to excellent writing, outstanding design and high standards of production ensures a dedicated reader, a long shelf life and an increasingly popular publication.

Selected by readers as Boca's favorite magazine, The Boca Raton Observer is the magazine with the largest targeted distribution in Boca Raton.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Boca Raton Observer Magazine's website.

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