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Experience Life Magazine

Experience Life Magazine

The Whole-Life Health and Fitness Magazine — we believe being healthy is a revolutionary act.

The trusted resource for in-depth information on fitness, healthy eating, healthy cooking, health and wellness, life balance, natural beauty, active adventure, personal wisdom, sustainable living, weight loss and the mind-body connection. Articles on everything from strength, cardio and circuit training to nutrition, food trends, food culture and recipes, to meditation and self-care, to weight loss and functional, alternative and complementary medicine — all at Experience Life.

Experience Life is your guide to a healthy way of life. Your road map toward real and lasting self-improvement. Your antidote to all the fuss and nonsense that dominates the vast majority of health and fitness publications.

No gimmicks, no fantasies, no hype. No unrealistic promises or questionable shortcuts. Just in-depth, articulate coverage of health, fitness and quality-of-life topics that really matter to you and your family, plus plenty of “aha!” insights and practical advice designed to broaden your perspectives.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Experience Life Magazine's website.

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Experience Life Magazine Publisher:

Life Time Fitness Inc

Life Time Fitness Media connects you with our members and non-members across multiple media platforms. Our print division includes our award-winning magazine, Experience Life. Our in-club media features LTF Vision, digital signage, posters and banners.

Life Time Fitness Inc

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