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Southbay Home Style Magazine

Southbay Home Style Magazine

Southbay Home Style - Your Local Home & Design Source

Every month, Home Style connects a select group of the most affluent homeowners, investors, luxury real estate agents, architects, builders, developers and certified home remodeling professionals who share the highest integrity and standard in quality leveraging an integrated direct mail, online and grass root marketing approach.

51,000 total circulation and growing each issue reaching highly active home remodeling single family homes valued $600,000 $25 million including: Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach (every residential mailbox in the city), Redondo Beach (mostly East of PCH and SouthRedondo), and Hermosa Beach (mostly East of PCH and along Valley Road).

Southbay Home Style is also emailed to over 1,500 home remodeling professionals, architects, builders, developers & Southbay real estate agents every month.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Southbay Home Style Magazine's website.

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Southbay Home Style Magazine Publisher:

Home Style Media LLC

Home Style Media LLC (HSM) is consumer-magazine publishing and media company serving affluent homeowners, real estate agents, builders and remodelers in Arizona and California. Home Style Media produces and operates Southbay Home Style and Phoenix Home Style magazines.

Home Style Media LLC

Home Style Media LLC also publishes...

Phoenix Home Style

Your Trusted Resource for Certified, Home Improvement Professionals.

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