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Slice Magazine

Slice Magazine

Slice is the city and lifestyle magazine of central Oklahoma, featuring people, places, events, dining and culture.

Slice is the sophisticated lifestyle publication dedicated to covering the best the city has to offer. Slice magazine connects with consumers and businesses in the most sought-after locales across the metro, including Edmond, Nichols Hills, Norman and Oklahoma City's northwest, southwest, downtown and historic districts, as well as the Arts District, Automobile Alley, Bricktown, the Business District and Deep Deuce.

Slice readers are a highly targeted demographic comprising metro corridor residents who have an abundance of discretionary income and an intent to make high-end purchases. Slice appeals to this audience with a variety of lifestyle-centric content that focuses on community news and events, the arts, architecture and noteworthy businesses and people who are at the center of Oklahoma's commercial and leisure-time pursuits.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Slice Magazine's website.

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Slice Magazine Publisher:

Open Sky Media

Open Sky Media publishes city and lifestyle magazines that appeal to affluent readers living in healthy, fast-growing markets. Open Sky Media's titles include Austin Monthly, Austin Home, Gulfshore Business, Gulfshore Life, Marin, San Antonio Magazine, and Slice Magazine.

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