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Orlando Life Magazine

Orlando Life Magazine

Orlando Life covering everything that makes living in Central Florida special.

We are a magazine about living well in Central Florida. And for us, "living well" means making the most of everything our region has to offer. Our mission is to help our readers do just that.

For 14 years, Orlando Life, formerly Orlando Home & Leisure has captured the vibrant spirit, style and natural beauty of Central Florida. Its coverage of local people and pursuits, from arts and entertainment to fashion, real estate and luxury lifestyles, helps residents and visitors alike enjoy the best of the region. The editorial staff includes some of Florida's top journalists, all of whom have won local, regional and national awards.

The owners of Orlando Life are among the most successful city/regional magazine publishers in the nation. they founded such nationally award-winning publications as Sarasota magazine and Gulfshore Life magazine and have published city/regional magazines, arts magazines, business magazines and specialty publications throughout the state of Florida.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Orlando Life Magazine's website.

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Orlando Life Magazine Publisher:

Florida Home Media LLC

Florida Home Media is an American consumer-magazine publishing and media company serving Florida area.

Florida Home Media LLC also publishes...


Sarasota's city magazine. The best of beautiful Sarasota, Florida.


Sarasota and Manatee counties' source for business news and events.

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