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Columbus Crave Magazine

Columbus Crave Magazine

Columbus Crave is a quarterly magazine and daily website covering the Central Ohio restaurant scene. Crave is a guide to the best eats this city has to offer.

But CRAVE is Much More Than Food and Restuarant Reviews. The glossy magazine digs deep into the Columbus scene to uncover the people and places, trends and ideas that make local restaurants so interesting. Crave talks to chefs, food bloggers and diners to find out whatís hot on local plates. And itís packed with gorgeous photosóso good you can almost taste it. This is the magazine that inspires readers to dig in and eat it up.

CRAVE READERS LOVE TO EAT. But dining in this city is about much more than breakfast, lunch and dinner. Itís about savoring the creativity of local chefs and their unique flavors, and the fun of hanging out with friends in bars and restaurants. Itís not just a meal, itís entertainment. is the lifestyle magazine for Columbus diners who want to celebrate eating out in styleó from guilty pleasures at local pubs to the most creative menu creations, from pizza and beer to filet and fine wine and everything in between.

Whether youíre looking to target adults lookng for romantic dinner, a relaxing patio, unique ethnic flavors or tasty burgers and fries, Crave delivers them.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Columbus Crave Magazine's website.

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Columbus Crave Magazine Publisher:

Dispatch Media Group

Dispatch Media Group is a regional consumer-magazine publishing and media company reaching 94% of Central Ohio adults. Dispatch Media Group offers the most complete list of marketing solutions in the region, including TV, Radio, Newpaper, Online, Magazines, Direct Mail, and more.

Dispatch Media Group

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