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Sole Collector Magazine

Sole Collector Magazine

The world's leading sneaker magazine. Keep up to date with all the latest sneakers and kicks news related to Air Jordan, Nike, adidas, Reebok and more.

The World's leading consumer sneaker magazine, with direct-from-the-source information, professional photography and exclusive content. Sole Collector Magazine offers the highest quality sneaker experience available in print and online.

Sole Collector got its start in 2000 as a messageboard created by Steve Mullholand to discuss all things sneakers. Sole Collector Magazine soon followed, and was first printed in 2003. Today, it is the world’s leading consumer sneaker magazine and has featured many of the world's greatest athletes, including Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and many more.

With direct-from-the-source information, professional photography, exclusive content and international distribution, Sole Collector Magazine offers the highest quality sneaker experience available in print.

Sole Collector is the exclusive magazine sold at Foot Locker and Footaction. It is also sold at bookstores, newsstands and sneaker boutiques globally.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Sole Collector Magazine's website.

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