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Artillery Magazine

Artillery Magazine

Artillery is a contemporary arts magazine based out of LA with writers around the world.

Artillery is an alternate contemporary art publication that reflects the vitality of the creative world today. We tap the provocative, with readable articles, intelligent reviews, in-depth profiles and pithy columns. Artillery can be relied on for the latest art world news. We don't mince words, we are "killer text on art."

Artillery is an art publication geared towards the artist, gallerist, curator, collector, designer and enthusiast. We provide accessible text on current issues, thoughts and trends in the art world. Based out of Los Angeles and covering the international art scene, we have grown into a "must read" for anyone interested or involved in the current explosion of art culture.

Artillery is published in Los Angeles where the nation's top art schools, prominent galleries and artists have helped create the current art explosion. Though we are LA-based, we cover the international scene with contributors in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Berlin, London and at the biennials. All this makes Artillery formidable, entertaining and different - the alternate magazine we like to call: The only art magazine that's fun to read.

Editorial & Photo Credit: Artillery Magazine's website.

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